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The JET-Group.
Driven by daylight.

Beautifully-designed, high-performance daylight and SHEV solutions.

Welcome to the JET Group – your strong partner for continuous rooflights, light domes, pyramids and SHEV and ventilation systems for the industrial and municipal construction sectors, as well as of glazing systems for use in architectural projects. Light, air and safety – these are major factors that affect the well being of people everyday. The JET Group team is constantly taking on new challenges that involve these decisive indicators of quality of life. This is admittedly a wide field to take on, which is why our commitment and variety of products are constantly growing and have earned a great name in the industry:

The JET Group.

JET products and services

Light domes and continuous rooflights from JET offer you a wide variety of daylight and SHEV products especially suited to industrial construction. These are ideal not only for new construction but also for renovating existing buildings.

An adequately sized continuous rooflight from JET delivers free daylight even inside large enclosed structures a light dome provides greater quality of life even for more individual environments.

The sophisticated glass constructions from JET are particularly strong for architectural application. Working closely with architects, our experts are able to integrate even fancy designs into the project exactly according to specifications.

For your buildings' safety, we specify the SHEV systems required by DIN 18232-2 to meet your current safety needs and provide a high degree of ventilation comfort at the same time. With functional enhancements for continuous rooflights, light domes and glass construction, we provide the right solutions for smoke and heat exhaust in practically every application.


JET moulded-foam components

Packaging - fast, secure and efficient!


JET Sondertorbau

JET Brakel Aero –
special gate construction

Special gate construction – competent and individual!

JET-composite profiles for energy efficieny with system


Innovative combination of material 
for function and design. 


JET-Vario-Therm S

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