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Glare-free illumination in square – fix sizes and fast assembled

JET-ISO-GRILLODUR® pyramid 45° overview
  • applicable as fix or ventilated design skylight
  • ventilation and SHEV (smoke exhaust) by the use of electric motor with 300 or 500 mm lifting height according your request
  • aluminium surfaces coated in white RAL 9016 or optionally RAL-coloured according your choice on request
  • permanent fall through proof in closed position acc. to GS-Bau 18 regulation and test certificate no. Bau/TB 08134


  • 30 mm thick fibreglass panel
  • 50 mm thick fibreglass panel

Technical data (30 mm panel):

  • UN-value of the glazing approx. 1,9 W/m²K
  • light transmission: TL approx. 49 %*
  • energy transmission: g-value approx. 62 %*

Technical data (50 mm panel):

  • UN-value of the glazing approx. 1,4 W/m²K
  • light transmission: TL approx. 42 %*
  • energy transmission: g-value approx. 54 %* 

* values apply to natural transparent-insulation insert-natural transparent

Heat- and sound insulation:

  • thermal separated aluminium profiles
  • sound-absorbing 30/50 mm thick fibreglass panels
  • heat insulated upstand


  • individual design by the use of coloured fibreglass panels in white, blue or natural transparent possible
  • fast fitting by the roofer is possible, because the GRILLODUR® pyramids will be delivered
    prefabricated on JET-upstands and packed on a transportable pallet
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